Volunteer Pre Season Training (Winter)

On and off snow training clinics are held each weekend during the month of December. New and returning volunteers are encouraged to attend as many training clinics as possible.

2016 Clinic Descriptions

2016 Clinic Calendar

A few things to remember:

  • Please sign up for clinics by Tuesday of the week of the clinic as space may be limited and we want to ensure that everyone gets something out of the clinic. To sign up, email the office at info@nehsa.org or call NEHSA at 603-763-9158.
  • Clinic times may vary so check the schedule for the actual run time.  Some clinics will run the full day and some are half day sessions. If you sign up for a full day session, we ask that you stay with that clinic for the full day.
  • If you are interested in weekday clinics please e-mail info@nehsa.org with the subject/topic you are interested in learning and days you are available. We will try and set up clinics based on individual’s schedules.