December 26th – Message from Executive Director Tom Kersey

Dear friend of NEHSA:

Today, we at New England Healing Sports Association are publicly announcing that NEHSA is beginning the search for our next Executive Director.

It has been my passion and honor to serve NEHSA for the past 23 years. Entering as a volunteer in 1995 and then under the tutelage of many early pioneers of adaptive sports, I moved through the ranks from entry level volunteer to program provider, program leader, NEHSA trainer, Board of Directors member, Board Vice President, Paid Program Manager, Executive Director, and finally future volunteer.  It has been a wonderful journey and one I never expected when I applied to become a NEHSA volunteer almost 25 years ago.  This was a path that has had a positive change on me and those that have guided and surrounded me along this journey.   I am profoundly thankful to the NEHSA angels and the “Giants of adaptive sports” that have guided me and my NEHSA to where we are today; but I know it is now time to hand the baton to someone who can lead NEHSA into its next 25 years and well beyond.

I will remain as Executive Director until a successor is chosen to ensure a smooth transition. I will help with the recruitment; work with our successful candidate to support the on boarding process.  I will also be available to support our Board of Directors and new Executive Director as needed and very much look forward to once again joining the ranks of NEHSA’s most valued;  treasured amazing volunteer workforce of the New England Healing Sports Association.

A very sincere and immensely satisfied

Tom Kersey

Executive Director of New England Healing Sports Association

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