2017 Annual Appeal

November 1, 2017

To our NEHSA family,

Each year as the leaves begin to change and drop, I am reminded that another amazing season on snow is just around the corner.  With that reminder comes the recollection of the many hours of hard work that goes into making our NEHSA shine.  The increasable shift that we’ve seen from the very humble roots 40-plus years ago to a multi-season leader in adaptive sports in New England and across the country is amazing!

Some of the most exciting news this year is that we finally obtained the permits required to add to our lodge.  This was after thousands of hours and what seemed like a nearly eternal wait!   With a firm commitment from the bank and a tremendous challenge grant to kick-start phase-II of our capital campaign, a spring ground-breaking is all but assured!

I am amazed at the volunteerism behind NEHSA’s accomplishments.  I am also reminded that our operations are always the result of much hard work in grant writing, special events and the kindness of our membership.  That is why I am writing today—to ask you for your financial support with a year-end contribution to help keep our programs alive. Every donation makes a difference from $50 to $500 to $5,000—and every penny goes to benefit those you take so much pride in serving.

Just click the donate now link on the website www.NEHSA.org

We realize there are so many choices to consider when giving to an organization.  Further, we fully understand there is no greater donation to offer than the many hours of time each of you bring to your NEHSA.  But in truth, keeping NEHSA going for the next 40 years requires your financial support.  Please consider making your year-end donation today so you can continue to witness the triumph of the human spirit!

Thank you and sincerely,

Erik Wheeler

President – Board of Directors

Ps: Be sure to ask for your employers match!  We need all the help we can raise!  Remember that November 28th is “Giving Tuesday” challenge your friends to help!