November Message from President Erik Wheeler

November President’s message

Your NEHSA Board has spent the last few months working to update NEHSA’s 5-year Strategic plan.  You provided key input through the member survey responses last winter.  The updated strategic plan is available to all members, click here. As you read it, I hope you see the passion we all share for NEHSA – the plan is our way of making sure that NEHSA stays strong and can get even stronger over the next five years. Also, we welcome your feedback.

The Board has launched five workgroups to bring this plan to life.  I know that some of you are already helping with the efforts of these groups by proving valuable insights, guidance, knowledge and skill.  NEHSA has always been a group effort and we want to continue that tradition by welcoming as many NEHSA voices into the fold.  If you have a particular interest in helping please let me or Tom know!

  1. Lodge: Addressing the lodge remains important to all of us!  It is no secret Tom, Board members and many others have been working very hard to complete this process, and we’ll keep communicating permit milestones as we reach them.  Although, we aren’t moved in, we are confident that we are moving ahead, with much of the hardest work behind us.
  2. Marketing: You asked us to raise awareness of NEHSA’s great work.  To that end, the Marketing/Communications workgroup is looking at the various ways NEHSA presents the mission to our community and partners.
  3. Financial Stability: To weather strange winters like the one just past you told us to stabilize NEHSA’s financial position so we will always be in the best position to support our staff, volunteers, and mission.  This part is proving a little tricky given the interconnectedness to other parts of the organization.  The finance team has begun building simple dashboards and other tools that will make it easier for us to communicate that state of the organization’s finances.
  4. Volunteers: To foster and maintain NEHSA’s great volunteer culture with further training and development.  The Volunteer Services work group is rolling up their sleeves first to understand our current position and then, with your input, work to enhance the volunteer experience.
  5. Operational Infrastructure: NEHSA needs to support our experienced staff, volunteers, and students.  This topic affects many facets of NEHSA, just like its finances.  We have created yet another work group working to enhance this part of the NEHSA experience.

Lastly, you asked for more communication from the Board and I am committed on behalf of your Board that we will give you more information on our progress.  Watch for the opportunities to offer your feedback and ask your questions!

Think Snow –Erik Wheeler, Board President

For a printable version of Erik’s message, please click here.